“When you get married you get married with his whole family…

And sometimes they can turn out to be very special people.

You also have to get used to her family…

Will love help you win everything?

And only after you booked a place, catering, do you think to yourself what can go wrong? .. “

(From the film Colombian Wedding)

As your event planner, I will combine the desires and needs of all parties involved in a gentle and elegant way for the event. The experience of 20 years in the field of events gives me the ability to look from the outside and inside with an overall view of the details. For many years I sat in event venues on the other side of the table, as an event sales manager. This is my added value in managing the event budget vis-a-vis the service providers, as my client representative in the field.

During the selection stage I will propose a number of professional suppliers who are committed to producing and do their maximum for the success of the event. I will ensure the highest quality results for you. I have the knowledge of what to ask of them, who the best supplier is for your special event, which increases the level of the event with all its components.

What do I bring to your wedding?

For the entire journey, the organization and the actual production – peace of mind. High organizational ability, order, patience, creativity, ideas in the field in given situations. Knowledge in managing an event while taking care to represent you and supervise suppliers according to your needs and desires.

Whatever your dream is, I will take it out of fantasy and create it on a practical level and produce a special and personal event you can be proud to call your own.

I promise to save you beyond money:

Pressures are always created around a wedding organizations. Both during the process and on the day of the event. All of these together will allow you to enjoy the process itself and arrive at the wedding relaxed and comfortable.

In conclusion, I will combine the requirements of the bride, the groom, the budget, the geographical location, the number of guests, the content, until you receive the event you’ve always dreamed of.

Always making sure the event is perfect and always with love

Waiting to hear from you,



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