Launch Events

Hundreds of hours of work and planning are all put into this one event, and it cannot be a mess. The first impression is very important!

After you’ve invested all of your time, money, marketing, and energy, you’ve “packed” it well into one super precise package. Once you start speaking in front of all of your customers, the air conditioner starts to break down and you’ll have to look for the maintenance man. You’ll see that your biggest most important customer has just arrived and somehow…their name accidentally…by mistake is not on the guest list…and more…

Launch events – let’s give them an event they will never forget!

You must provide your guests with a powerful and exciting experience.

The launch event combines several goals, audiences and experiences that are all packaged into this one event.

A launch event can be associated with:

  • Entry of a new product into the market.
  • Opening another branch
  • Entry of a new product from abroad.

The audience targeted for a launch event will typically be:

Journalists, public opinion leaders, reporters, public relations people, celebrities, politicians – the challenge with such people is that it is not easy to excite them and to be innovative with them .

And here I am as the producer of the launching events, just entering the picture!

The “LOOK & FEEL” of the event will speak the language of the product. By choosing the right location for the event, the right design, branding, music and tastes will create an enveloping experience for your new product.

What do I bring with me to your launch event?

  • Get the program out of the planning stage and into reality without unnecessary problems and make sure to plan and produce an accurate event.
  • Peace of mind in the preparations and on the day of the event.
  • High organizational ability, order, patience, creativity, find right solutions in real time even during the actual event, knowledge in event management.
  • Understanding the purpose of the event, while truly listening to your needs and collaborating with your PR, media and staff.

You are free to host and be present mentally at an event with your customers.

Always making sure the event is perfect … and always with love.

Waiting to hear from you,




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Launch Events

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